Floatation Therapy

60 minutes | IDR 600.000

Floating regularly helps you manage stress better, boosts your fitness, and improves your health. Our open-air float tanks have helped many overcome their sleep problems, insomnia, anxiety, depression and greatly improve their overall health. You can feel the benefits just after 60 minutes in our float tank - don't take our word for it, try it for yourself!

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Ice Bath & Sauna

60 minutes | IDR 150.000

A favorite among athletes, now you too can recover like an Olympian. Heat therapy reduces stress, raises our body's adaptational responses, and dilates our blood vessels. Cold therapy, on the other hand, slows cellular processes, reduces inflammation, and constricts blood vessels. You’ll experience decreased muscle soreness, which is not only good for feeling better sooner, but it also preps your muscles better for the next workout. 

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Red Light Therapy

30 minutes | IDR 300.000

The cure to a blue light world. Red light therapy is an incredible tool of healing, delivering light at 600nm. This is absorbed by our cells and surface tissues, stimulating the skin layer and invigorating the body. Concentrated red light waves stimulate Mitochondria, being the batteries of our cells, recharging our cells in order to enhance our wellbeing in an array of ways.

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Traditional Balinese Massage

60 minutes | IDR 300.000

Experience a full body massage heralded from the Island of the Gods. Lose yourself completely to the long soothing strokes, hypnotizing kneading and acupressure techniques that leave your body and mind in a heavenly state of bliss, joint pains alleviated and revived, your mind uplifted. Leave feeling like the divine God and Goddess that you are.

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Restorative Deep Tissue Massage

60 minutes | IDR 300.000

This select massage uses techniques perfected over the years of practice combined with artful intuition and skills that focuses on releasing deep muscle tensions through targeted pressure points. The deep therapeutic strokes combined in unison with careful insight and sensitivity allows for one to get instant relief from chronic aches and pains whilst increasing flexibility.

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Hot Lava Stone Massage

60 minutes | IDR 300.000

Indulge in the luxury of a deeper type of massage using comforting warm lava stones. Melt into complete relaxation as our skilled therapist use smooth flat heated stones to ease the tense muscles and damaged tissues. Heat has long been used to instill a deep level of calmness while relaxing tight muscles, removing blockages and dissolving stress. As the heat is applied tight muscles will open up allowing the therapist to work more efficiently, speeding up the removal or metabolic waste and calm your nervous system. 

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Facial Lymphatic Drainage Massage

30 minutes | IDR 380.000

Say goodbye to dark circles and dull complexion with our Gua Sha Lymphatic massage. A deeply nourishing and calming treatment that will lift, firm and tone your skin to give renewed suppleness. Combined with specialized massage techniques to stimulate blood circulation and aid in the decongestion of block nasal and sinus passages, this facial increases the natural vitality of your skin to reveal its natural radiance and glow. The result is well-balanced, revitalized skin.

Recommended for or all skin types:

Rose Facial Oil Blend

Recommended for sensitive or sunburnt skin:

Chamomile Facial Oil Blend

Recommended for dull and tired skin:

Sandalwood Facial Oil Blend

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Healing Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage

30 minutes | IDR 200.000

Terapung's signature oilless massage focuses on alleviating tension build up around the head, shoulders and upper back to effectively relieve stress as all tensions melts away with every magical touch by our experienced therapist. Use a medicated ointment massaged onto your body with well-coordinated rhythmic strokes, this healing massage will recalibrate your nervous system, calm the body and mind, encouraging a sound restful sleep. Great for before or after a long flight. 

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Ear Candling

30 minutes | IDR 150.000

Ear Candling is a safe, effective, and painless procedure used to remove earwax, pollen, sinus congestion, ringing of the ears, ear infection, headaches, migraines, and hearing problems. The movement of smoke through the delicate ear canal may also obtain pressure relief. The candle also helps balance pressure between the ear and the environment. It stimulates inner ear circulation and clears the sinus pathways, helping improve your hearing, balance and overall well-being.

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Energizing Foot Reflexology

30 minutes | IDR 140.000

By specifically targeting pressure points on the feet which are connected to organs, glands and the nervous system, this century long method will heal aching feet, helps relieve stress and improve blood circulation. Perfect after a float or by itself.

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Dose at Terapung

We are proud to be partnering with THE DOSE Bali, where you can be confident you will receive high quality, authentic ingredients and that your treatment will be administered according to international hospital standards. All syringes and other equipment are single use, sterile, and disposed of responsibly.


    The Essential is our most pared back IV – perfect for individuals most concerned with dehydration. The Essential contains one litre of fluid, electrolytes, vitamin B for energy as well as medication tablets if you require them.

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    This is fitness optimisation down to a cellular level – our Fitness Booster Amino Acid, antioxidant vitamin C, and Metabolism-Boosting Complex combination help reduce inflammation and increase energy and fat-burning.

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    The Ultimate has been one of our best-sellers since day one. Full of vitamins and antioxidants (plus any optional medicines), this IV packs a powerful punch in the “get well” department (whether that’s from a nasty flu or a hangover, it’s still effective).

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    Created to improve cellular metabolism and facilitate detoxification, this treatment is perfect to kickstart a detox or as an ongoing part of a wellness regimen.

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    Feeling weak and dehydrated after Bali Belly or stomach flu? This package will help relieve residual symptoms and speed up recovery.

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    This IV is a powerhouse of vitamins and antioxidants from A to zinc. Complete with Vitamins A, B complex, C, D and E, plus antioxidant Glutathione and zinc, this is an all-around immunity and energy booster for those who want it all!

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  • To dose at Terapung, we recommend that you book with us 24 hours in advance to secure your appointment for the next day.