Letter From Our Founder

My team and I decided to start TERAPUNG to offer a holistic approach to wellness by being one of the leading centers for alternative therapies in Indonesia. Introducing the service of floating is something the Indonesian population hasn’t experienced before in their own country. The main reason why we started and continued to push floating, is the many ways it helps people, from just releasing physical and mental stresses from the body, improving creativity, improving sleep, reducing stress, helping individuals with autism, and of course the delight of meeting new individuals who share their experiences with us. We want to stray away from the idea that individuals need to be prescribed daily medication to help cope with their mental health or an under lying illness, as some illness can be. Of course, there are some illness that require proper medical assistance and treatments.

The cure to anything is salt water - sweat, tears, the sea or an hour in our float tank.

As from our experience we have noticed that “the human body is an impeccable self-healing machine naturally equipped with innate restorative abilities”. Most of these therapies can help individuals resolve issues in their bodies and prevent them from arising, as stress is one of the main causes of illness. These alternative therapies provide positive results, which are far less invasive compared to many modern medical treatments. TERAPUNG is a safe haven for people, to relax, recovery, and reflect. Many of our issues today we believe are created internally and there are unnecessary stresses we tend to make up in our own minds, where we have no control over the outcome. We want to teach people the ways of managing the different stresses of life, with a selection of different services which can be catered to reduce specific stresses. The goal for us to get people into TERAPUNG…leaving feeling healthier and happier, with less stress than when they first walk in. 

Arthur John Wilkinson

  • Arthur

    Born in Malaysia to British parents, Arthur has spent nearly all his life in Southeast Asia. This localized Bule is our in-house float expert and FYI, Arthur designs and produces all the float tanks. When not hanging out at Terapung, he can be found in his liveaboard phinisi and also his other float center in Penang.

    Tiger Blue Luxury Liveaboard 
  • Titin

    She fell in love with what floating did to her strained neck and sanity when she first tried it in Arthur's Penang float center, so much that she brought it to Bali. Titin is currently busy being a mother, running a jewelry shop and also rescuing abandoned cats and dogs in Medan's first no-kill shelter with her friends. She really needs a float.

    Medan Animal Rescue 
  • Putra

    Upon returning from Paris, Putra spent a year living in India to pursue Ashtanga Yoga. A lactose-intolerant wellness enthusiast and also a devoted dog dad to a good boy named Soy, Putra is currently a chairman of an Internationally accredited university based in Medan. In his spare time, this man loves going on roadtrips with his best friend all around Sumatra.

    Universitas IBBI Medan 
  • Hendry

    Water, especially salty waters is a common theme throughout the course of Hendry's life. Having spent his early childhood in salt water shrimp farms and the seas (along with his obsession for Bruce Lee and that quote about becoming water) birthed a lifelong passion for water solutions in his adult life. And now that he's in the business of putting people in salty water - it's all coming to a full circle.

    Water Technologies & Solutions