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Hot Lava Stone Massage

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Indulge in the luxury of a deeper type of massage using comforting warm lava stones. Melt into complete relaxation as our skilled therapist use smooth flat heated stones to ease the tense muscles and damaged tissues. Heat has long been used to instill a deep level of calmness while relaxing tight muscles, removing blockages and dissolving stress. As the heat is applied tight muscles will open up allowing the therapist to work more efficiently, speeding up the removal or metabolic waste and calm your nervous system. 

Before your appointment:

  • Arrive at your appointment well-hydrated.
  • As much as possible, don't drink caffeine and alcoholic beverages a few hours before your appointment.
  • Do not eat a heavy meal before your massage. Consume something light and nutritious instead.

Our Promise

All of the products used in our treatments are made in Bali using skin-friendly plant-based ingredients with an emphasis on holistic conscience.

Be Punctual

Try to come at least 15 minutes before your session if this is your first visit, we will familiarize you with our services and facilities.

Late Arrival

Arriving late for your appointment might result in reduced service time. No refunds are given if the our therapists finishes the service at the scheduled time and if, by doing so, the duration of the service is reduced due to your late arrival for your service appointment. You are not entitled to claim any service or product from TERAPUNG to recover reduced service time due to your late arrival.


If for whatever reason you cannot come for your appointment, you are obliged to pay the full fee quoted on your booking confirmation. You are not eligible to receive any refunds, neither partial nor in full, of payments already made by you to TERAPUNG nor are you eligible for price reductions related to your booked treatments and other services still due to be paid.