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Terapung Float Club

Wooden Journal

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Sensory deprivation thrives on intentionality; the float tank is a tool for body, mind, and spirit. As expectations are released, understanding springs from the water and from the mind.

As your practice develops, you will find what works best for you and for your needs. Do you prefer to float in the morning maintaining that post-float glow for the rest of the day? Do night time floats work better for you to decompress, releasing the day’s events? Your sensory deprivation practice is unique and personal to you. For most, writing in a journal before and after their session adds remarkable value to their experience.

Wonderful things you can do to maximize the post-float benefits (besides relaxing):

  • Relax, do nothing and bask in the experience
  • Stretch, do gentle yoga or go for a walk
  • Journal or sketch out any thoughts of feelings you may be experiencing

50 plain sheets | Refillable 

Our Promise

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