Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy is a mind-body treatment that promotes well-being by allowing the body and brain to communicate with each other. When you awaken and align your body’s underlying energy, you activate your innate process of healing and transformation.

  • Yoga Therapy Clinical Assesment

    IDR 1.300.000

    In this initial consultation our certified Yoga therapist Dr. Elvina will assess your needs from a holistic perspective, discover the underlying issues you are dealing with and how yoga therapy can add benefit for you physically, emotionally and mentally. The outcome of this individualized overall health assessment is to design a program for you to facilitate a sustainable change that leads to your overall well-being.

    Duration: 1.5 hours

  • Therapeutic Yin Yoga

    IDR 950.000

    Yin Yoga therapy is designed to create space to rejuvenate the body, clear the mind, open up the heart and allow energetic healing to take place. The peacefulness of the long-held static stretches in Yin Yoga allow space for awareness while accelerating the reveal and release of deep layers of tension held within our connective tissue. Unravel energetic blockages and boost your immunity and self-esteem in this session.

    Duration: 1.5 hours

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Conscious Connecting Breathwork

The breath is the secret to emotional regulation and deep emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. Intentional breathwork is a safe, powerful, awakening therapeutic practice that accelerates with emotional healing and personal growth. Afterall, you are your own healer and medicine.

  • The benefits you will experience:

    • Reduce stress & limiting beliefs
    • Balanced blood pressure
    • Boost immune system
    • Alleviates depression & grief
    • Treat mood disorders
    • Increase in self-awareness
    • Clarity of mind
    • Strengthen blood flow circulation
    • Reduce feelings of trauma
    • Better immune system
    • Stronger respiratory function
    • More time in deep sleep

  • Emotional Release Breathwork

    IDR 1.300.000

    IDR 500.000/ additional participant

    After years and years of emotional numbing, your body goes into protection mode. It stores and suppresses layers of trauma in the body. Unreleased, these stored emotions will eventually manifest in various forms of illnesses. Intentional emotional release breathwork helps with trauma processing and healing by bypassing the conscious mind, deactivating the sympathetic nervous system. Expect epic emotional releases in this session.

    Duration: 2 hours
  • Guided Breathwork + Ice Bath

    IDR 1.500.000

    IDR 700.000/ additional participant

    One of the keys to unlock the greatest health benefits from an ice bath session is to master your breathing. In this guided breathwork session with Dr. Elvina you will accomplish incredible feats by learning specific breathing techniques and tolerance to extreme temperatures to develop command over your body, breath, and mind. With regular practice of this breathing techniquue you will experience enormous potential for both the mind and physical body.

    Duration: 2.5 hours

Dr. Elvina Jessica, MD


A doctor with over 10 years of experience in conventional medicine who understands basic and traditional medicinal aspects, injury and illness, has a knowledge of anatomy and physiology, and a passion for combining modern science with ancient yogic tradition and philosophy. Her mission is to help you feel fully alive again and be aligned with your purpose, because you are born to make an impact in the world.