Do this before you shower for better digestion

Do this before you shower for better digestion

Dry skin brushing helps you to remove dead skin cells and open the pores. It also increases the blood flow to the skin and allows the lymph system to discharge itself from toxins as it speeds up the healing process and rejuvenation of the skin. When you skin brush, you help the body discharge lots of metabolic waste and help it deal with bacteria, resulting in a more resilient healthy looking skin.

Skin brushing also has other significant benefits such as it strengthens the immune system, increases cell renewal, helps with digestion and tightens the skin.

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Buy a long-handled brush (one that is easy to reach different areas of the body especially back) that is NOT made with synthetic bristles. The brush must be made of natural material so it does not scratch the skin. Avoid using it on your face as it may be too harsh for it. The idea is to brush gently, especially over areas that are affected with acne.


How do dry skin brushing?

Start with the soles of the feet, move on to your ankles, then your thighs. Go up towards your stomach and buttocks. Lastly brush your hands and arms. 
Skin brush in the direction of the heart.
You should brush your skin at least once per day before showering. Make sure your skin is completely dry.
After you have finished brushing, take a warm bath followed by a cool rinse.
Make sure to wash your brush in water at least once a week and let it dry.

Combine daily skin brushing with a weekly restorative massage done by a professional therapist to promote better circulation and improved vitality.

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