1. How did you get started down the path of being a Wim Hof instructor?

My own battle with inflammation and ignoring my own body's cries for help led me towards learning how to heal from the inside, and subsequently, how to help others using the same method.

2. Any anecdotes to share from your years of conducting Wim Hof sessions?

I've witnessed many individuals utilize a variety of methods to enter the ice, from imagining it is a hot onsen, to laughing maniacally throughout to cope. One of the most inspiring moments is watching kids in the ice tub instructing their parents to keep quiet instead of constantly hovering and giving directions. The cold always seems to find a way for you to access your genuine self.

3. How do you seek inspiration?

I find inspiration on how I can further develop as an individual when I interact with groups that are outside of my existing circles. For example, the Mancave Project (a men's support group), a small but growing handpan music community, and recently from volunteering at RDA, a place that offers horse grooming and riding for special needs children.

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